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mit Bier anstoßende Menschen, draft2go+
Draft2go+ mit Edelstahl Zapfkopf
Draft2go+ mit Edelstahl Zapfkopf, Darstellung Isolierung

Draft2go+ dispensing system
Sustainable. Universal. Flexible.

Universal application
draft2go+ is an innovative, self-sufficient dispensing system with a stainless steel dispense head and an integrated CO2 chamber inside the KEG. This sustainable, reusable container is the perfect solution for breweries and wine businesses planning to extend their range. Draft2go+ will make it easier for them, as well as hospitality and catering businesses, to offer their guests a wide choice of beverages in premium quality – even in the smallest of spaces and completely independent of power and CO2 supply.


Easy handling

The system uses the standard coupler range, covering all usual fitting types on the dispensing equipment market. The dispense head is easy to assemble and assemble, which means is hygiene is guaranteed at all times. With the help of the compensator, the flow rate can be adjusted easily. The attached, external pressure reducer with non-return valve keeps the carbon dioxide content in the drink at the optimum level. The highly efficient, stylish insulator jacket will keep the pre-chilled beer at drinking temperature for up to 8 hours – ideal for dispensing full draught flavour, wherever you want to.


Your benefits

  • Fresh draught flavour and perfect dispensing quality
  • Food-safe, sustainable and reusable container guarantees perfect hygiene
  • Highly efficient beer flow of up to 90 l / h possible
  • Self-sufficient, environmentally friendly system, independent of power and CO2 supply
  • Consistently high beer quality for up to 28 days, so even residual contents remain in premium quality
  • Icepack, insulator jacket, cooling pad and cooling bag can reduce the beverage temperature to 2.5 degrees in 3 hours
  • Can be filled on existing filling equipment

The PLUS side

  • Strong and unbreakable dispense heads made of sustainable stainless steel, no plastic line required
  • Fits all commercially available KEG types 
  • Different fitting types available, enabling use in many different countries
  • All parts can be dismantled easily for cleaning
  • Compensator to regulate the flow rate
  • Tap with spring and thread for positioning
draft2go Icepack Set

draft2go Icepack Set

Without electricity in only three hours to drinking temperature

The icepack set is used when there is no possibility of cooling the KEG down in a refrigerator for 24 hours prior to use and no other method is available for keeping the KEG cool for longer periods before use. The Icepack Set consists of an ice sleeve, two ice packs and a cooler bag.  At a room temperature of 22° C, the ice sleeve plus ice packs will cool the beverage down to 2,5°C - in only 3 hours! 
You'll find the instruction here.

draft2go+ Fitting types

Different stainless steel dispensing heads are available for the four types of fittings, depending on your needs.

draft2go chilled beer

Flat fitting

draft2go-mobile dispensing

Grundy fitting


Basket fitting

draft2go sustainability

Draft fitting

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