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Zwei anstoßende Biergläser, draft2go und draft2go+

Dispensing units draft2go and draft2go+
Full draught flavour anywhere

Draught beer anywhere at any time with draft2go or draft2go+, the sustainable dispensing units for hospitality and catering. A complete system for 100% mobility and cool beer for up to 8 hours, thanks to its integrated CO2 supply and stylish insulator jacket.

This dispensing unit consists of a highly efficient insulator jacket, a 10-litre reusable stainless steel keg, a dispense head and a drip tray.

draft2go and draft2go+ are the alternatives to stationary dispensing equipment, enabling professional and intuitive handling without electricity. These self-sufficient dispensing systems open up great possibilities for mobile and individual hospitality concepts, and can also be used to supplement your existing beverage range.

draft2go and draft2go PLUS highlights


Chilled beer

The stylish 3-piece EPP insulator jacket keeps the beverage at drinking temperature without any electricity for up to 8 hours.


Mobile dispensing

The 10-litre KEG with integrated CO2 makes mobile dispensing possible without an additional gas supply.


Professional hygiene standard

The draft2go and draft2go+ self-sufficient dispensing systems both offer 100% hygiene and a professional dispensing experience.

draft2go-uniquely sustainable

Uniquely sustainable

High-quality materials and an integrated reusable stainless steel KEG makes this dispensing unit the most sustainable of its kind.

draft2go Icepack Set

draft2go Icepack Set

Without electricity in only three hours to drinking temperature

The icepack set is used when there is no possibility of cooling the KEG down in a refrigerator for 24 hours prior to use and no other method is available for keeping the KEG cool for longer periods before use. The Icepack Set consists of an ice sleeve, two ice packs and a cooler bag.  At a room temperature of 22° C, the ice sleeve plus ice packs will cool the beverage down to 2,5°C - in only 3 hours! 
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