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Mending brewery markets self-sufficient dispensing system for professional use in hospitality, at events or for private use

With the launch of draft2go, SCHÄFER Container Systems, the manufacturer of beverage containers systems, IBCs and special containers, paved the way for entirely new hospitality concepts. That roused the interest of the Vulkan brewery from Mending in Rhineland-Palatinate, which is now one of the first breweries to supply their draught beer in combination with the draft2go dispensing unit. The unique feature of this system is maximum flexibility as it can operate independently of both power and dispensing gas. The beer is dispensed sustainably from a reusable KEG with a standard flat fitting. All this makes draft2go a genuine alternative to fixed, stationary dispensing equipment, because its professional use is completely free of energy supply, time or location restrictions. It is this independence that opens up new opportunities for beer sales, especially in the outdoor catering and events sector or for private functions and parties.  

A 10-litre KEG with a stainless steel liner and integrated C02 supply operating on the proven dual-chamber principle forms the core of the draft2go unit and enables compact dispensing without an additional CO2 cylinder. A 3-part EPP insulator jacket shields the KEG from thermal influences and once the KEG is opened, the beer quality is maintained for up to 30 days. 


“You can always serve full draught flavour anywhere”, says a delighted Tobias Wirth, head of sales at SCHÄFER Container Systems KEG, about the versatile draft2go dispensing system and goes on by saying: “The product is aimed primarily at breweries that want to offer their customers a highly mobile, self-sufficient dispensing unit. That’s something that both breweries and enterprising commercial customers can benefit from equally.” 

So Vulkan Brewery’s interest is no coincidence, because their brewing operations are based on both tradition and innovation. Notable innovations are often the result of methodical improvements to small details. “On this project to introduce draft2go at the Vulkan Brewery, cooperation with those responsible on site has been close and solution-oriented from the first demonstration right up to today. In only a few days, we managed to overcome the most important challenges together. It was a lot of fun”, explains Carsten Dirk Sauer, KEG division sales manager at Schäfer Container Systems. On the technical side, the project was accompanied by his colleague Stefan Schreiber, head of technical customer service, who was on site regularly and always available as a direct contact providing advice and support: “This project is a good example of a well-functioning customer-supplier relationship,” he says. 

Practical handling without any additional cleaning, due to the hygienic one-way supply line, is very important to Draft2go’s manufacturers. The KEG can be filled both manually and, by attaching an adapter, on existing filling machines. The entire dispensing technology, consisting of a dispensing head, pressure reducer and tap, is functionally and ergonomically located in a single unit. This reduction in complexity also keeps cleaning and service requirements to a minimum and, if the need arises, draft2go can also be connected to conventional dispensing systems, in order to empty out residues, for instance.

“We’re proud to have Schäfer Container Systems on board as a long-standing, reliable partner for our stainless steel beer kegs. Besides the high demands we place on the quality of our beer specialities, it’s crucial for us to be able to deliver our draught beers safe and sound. That’s why we’ve been using these innovative SCHÄFER Container Systems products, like ECO-KEGs for 20-litres and the PLUS KEG range for the 10, 30 and 50-litre volumes. We recently started to look for a stylish, modern and novel solution to bring our Vulkan draught beer into customers’ living rooms. And here, too, we’re very happy to be able to rely on Schäfer Container Systems products once again. With draft2go, our beers can be dispensed professionally by anyone anywhere. This will put the Vulkan Brewery in pole position, just in time for our anniversary,” explains Malte Tack, the Vulkan Brewery’s managing partner. 

In this context, Tobias Wirth also offers his congratulations: “On behalf of SCHÄFER Container, I’d like to congratulate the Vulkan Brewery on its 10-year anniversary and wish the team all the very best for another successful beer decade.“

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