Self-sufficient dispensing unit for new hospitality concepts

Menschen in einer Bar mit draft2go+

draft2go+ opens up new distribution channels and creates new opportunities for customer acquisition

Neunkirchen, 30th August 2022. The draft2go+ mobile dispensing system from SCHÄFER Container Systems, manufacturer of reusable container systems for beverages, as well as IBCs and special containers, provides breweries, wineries and hospitality businesses with a self-sufficient dispensing system for increasing their sales of beer, wine and soft drinks. Independent from electricity for cooling and carbon dioxide for dispensing, the unit opens up opportunities for unconventional hospitality concepts.

The self-sufficient draft2go+ dispensing unit with its stainless steel dispense head is a mobile alternative to stationary systems. The core is a reusable 10-litre stainless steel KEG with an integrated tank for the dispensing gas inside. Thanks to the removable insulator jacket, with its branding options for the outside of the KEG, the pre-chilled contents are kept at the desired dispensing temperature for up to eight hours.

A pressure reducer with a non-return valve makes sure the carbon dioxide in the tapped beer is at the optimum level. These mobile dispensing units also provide ideal conditions for beverages containing wine. A special nitrogen mixture as the dispensing gas ensures that the wine’s original sensory characteristics remain unchanged. draft2go+ can also be used for soft drinks based on carbonated water, such as sports, energy and wellness drinks.

draft2go+ is compatible with all conventional fitting systems: flat fitting, Grundy fitting, basket fitting and draft fitting. The dispense heads are stainless steel and have an integrated compensator. With this latter device, the flow rate can be regulated, allowing the foam on the dispensed beverage to be adapted, as is often desired for beer in particular. The reusable draft2go+ KEGs can also be used in stationary dispensing systems and because they have an integrated dispensing gas tank, there’s no need for an additional gas cylinder.

“draft2go+ is an innovative solution that’s unique on the market in the product segment for mobile dispensing systems. We’re primarily targeting breweries and wineries that want to provide their customers not only with a mobile, but also a self-sufficient dispensing system. This opens up new sales channels for beverage producers and restaurant owners. In contrast to other self-sufficient systems, waste is avoided and its reusability for over 30 years makes a positive contribution to the CO2 balance,” says Tobias Wirth, Sales Director for KEGs at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

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