SCHÄFER Container Systems hosts brewing prospects

Education Day at SCHÄFER Container Systems

Positive feedback for Education Day from KEG manufacturer and students

Neunkirchen, 17th October 2019. Both SCHÄFER Container Systems and the participants attending gave a positive assessment of the first Education Day, held on October 15th. The manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel container systems had invited around 30 graduates and students of brewing and beverage technology from the technical universities of Munich and Berlin, as well as the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences.  

"The Education Day proved a great benefit, as it provided valuable practical knowledge and hands-on experience from the viewpoint of a market leader in KEG production, without turning into a sales event. Being able to exchange ideas with external experts in a pleasant atmosphere was also very productive. Giving our students a look behind the scenes helps them gain close contact to the industry at an early stage and a wider perspective on the brewing industry itself. SCHÄFER Container Systems have organised a very successful event", said Christian Klahm, qualified master brewer at the TU Berlin's research brewery and malting plant and training instructor for the brewing and malting trade.

SCHÄFER Container Systems guided tour
Guided tour SCHÄFER WERKE Group

In addition to an exhibition about the SCHÄFER WERKE Group, which SCHÄFER Container Systems is part of, the agenda included a tour of the KEG production, presentations and lectures covering the company's 41-year history and subjects like sustainability and quality management. The event also provided an outlook on current beverage market trends and future-oriented re-usable packaging. The aim was to provide the young people in the brewing and beverage industries with first-hand information and to promote strong links between research and education on the one hand and production and the market on the other. To conclude the event, there was a beer tasting session for both the current experts and those hoping to join them in the near future.

"For students of the beverage and brewing industries, considerable attention is focussed in particular on subjects like sustainability for both social and ecological reasons. As KEG manufacturers, we are trying to make our professional and economic contribution, by consciously looking to make contact with the educational institutions as early as possible. We are glad to provide an insight into our fields of expertise and this also helps us gain valuable impulses with regard to the expectations of the young people coming into the industry", says Guido Klinkhammer, Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

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