New draft2go dispensing system opens up sales opportunities

Menschen die mit Biergläsern anstoßen, draft2go

SCHÄFER Container Systems launches mobile dispensing unit for professional use in hospitality and catering, events or private functions

Neunkirchen, 16th March 2021. With the launch of draft2go, SCHÄFER Container Systems, manufacturer of beverage container systems, IBCs and special containers, is paving the way for new hospitality concepts. The mobile draft2go unit’s unique selling point is maximum flexibility – due to its complete independence from electricity and gas for cooling and dispensing. The beer is dispensed sustainably from a reusable KEG with a standard flat fitting. This makes draft2go a genuine alternative to fixed, stationary dispensing equipment, because its mobile use is never affected by energy supply, time or location restrictions. It is this independence that opens up new opportunities for beer sales, especially in the outdoor catering and events sector or for private functions and parties.  

A 10-litre KEG with a stainless steel liner and integrated CO2 supply operating on the proven dual-chamber principle forms the core of the draft2go unit. A 3-part EPP insulator jacket shields the KEG from thermal influences: at an ambient temperature of 25 °C and a beer temperature of 3 °C, draft2go will keep the beer chilled for at least eight hours (max. 8 °C). Once the KEG is opened, the beer quality is maintained for up to 30 days.

Menschen die mit Biergläsern anstoßen, draft2go

There are also benefits in the details: for instance, the tap handle, insulator jacket and the KEG are ideal for branding and the unit’s practical handling comes without any additional cleaning. This was very important for the manufacturers and is why the draft2go dispense head is connected to the standard flat fitting by a one-way supply line. This line also allows the KEG to be filled manually as well as mechanically on existing filling lines, by attaching an adapter. In addition, the draft2go-KEG can be drained of its contents in conventional dispensing systems. Rounding off the mobile unit is a dishwasher-safe drip tray and stainless steel drip tray grille.

“You can always serve full draught flavour anywhere”, says a delighted Tobias Wirth, head of sales at SCHÄFER Container Systems KEG, about the versatile draft2go dispensing system and goes on by saying: “The product is aimed primarily at breweries that want to offer their customers a highly mobile, self-sufficient dispensing unit. That’s something that both breweries and enterprising commercial customers can benefit from equally.”

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