Full-scale sustainability in the beverage industry

draft2go und draft2go+ im Biergarten

Stainless steel containers and technical ingenuity create new sales potential for beverage producers and hospitality businesses

Neunkirchen, 26th July 2022. SCHÄFER Container Systems, the manufacturers of reusable containers for beverages, as well as IBCs and special containers, will be exhibiting its solutions portfolio at this year’s drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, from 12th to 16th September in Munich. Stand 420 in hall C4 will be focussing on two core issues for the beverage industry. The main focus will be on supporting an efficient circular economy with stainless steel as the base material for reusable KEGs. The mobile dispensing systems draft2go and draft2go+ make new distribution concepts possible and create new ways to gain customers.

The two versions of this mobile dispensing system, draft2go with its design dispensing head, and draft2go+ with stainless steel dispensing head, are alternatives to stationary dispensing systems. As they are fully independent from electricity and gas supplies for cooling and dispensing, they are completely flexible in how and where they are used.

The core is a reusable 10-litre stainless steel KEG with an integrated tank for the dispensing gas inside. Thanks to the removable insulator jacket, with its branding options for the outside of the KEG, the pre-chilled contents are kept at the desired dispensing temperature for up to eight hours.

A pressure reducer with a non-return valve makes sure the carbon dioxide in the tapped beer is at the optimum level. These mobile dispensing units also provide ideal conditions for red and white wines. With a special nitrogen mixture as the dispensing gas, the wine’s original sensory characteristics remain unchanged.

While draft2go uses a plastic dispense head with one-way line and a flat fitting, draft2go+ can use four different fitting types: flat fitting, Grundy fitting, basket fitting and draft fitting. The dispense heads of the PLUS variant are made of stainless steel and have an integrated compensator.

This latter device makes it possible to regulate the flow rate and allows foaming of the dispensed beverage to be adapted, especially when it comes to beer. In addition, the reusable KEGs used can also be utilised in normal, stationary dispensing systems. Due to the integrated dispensing gas tank, there’s no need for an additional gas cylinder.

In economic terms, using stainless steel KEGs in the hospitality sector and the beverage industry provides decisive competitive advantages. Their small ecological footprint, decades of multiple use, transport safety, consistently high quality standards, branding possibilities as well as their sustainability through complete recycling at the end of their life cycle are the features which make them stand apart. That is why these containers have become indispensable for marketing beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks.

"With draft2go, we are primarily targeting breweries and wine businesses that want to provide their customers with a mobile and self-sufficient dispensing system. This enables beverage producers to open up new sales channels with a solution which is innovative and unique on the market," explains Tobias Wirth, Sales Director for KEGs at SCHÄFER Container Systems.

draft2go und draft2go+ im Biergarten
draft2go+ mobile dispensing system with stainless steel dispensing head and integrated compensator

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