The flexible small-scale dispensing system

With freshKEG, you can enjoy the flavour of fresh draught beer without huge dispensing systems. Ideal for large or small events, parties, bistros or catering services.

This self-sufficient, mobile two-chamber system with its integrated gas supply guarantees refreshing flavour, without a bar or dispensing system. This guarantees increased output with no additional effort.


  • 100 % stainless steel liner
  • Corrosion resistant, diffusion resistant
  • Top and bottom rings of polypropylene
  • Two-chamber system
  • 3 / 7 bar operating pressure
  • Safety fitting
  • Reusable dispense head

Additional features

  • Branding using banderols
  • Transponder tracing
  • Ice-pack cooling cuffs
  • freshKEG cooler (elec.)
  • Backpack system

freshKEG highlights

KEG branding

Banderols with individual branding logos, electro-chemical signature, labelling, laser printing, coloured PP rings

More about KEG branding

Two-chamber system

The gas supply is integrated in the system. A dispensing system is not needed. The beverage remains fresh for just as long as in conventional KEGs.

Reusable dispense head

The dispense head made of high-grade synthetic material can be easily and securely attached and afterwards simply removed and rinsed with warm water. It’s just like tapping beer at the bar.

It's nice to cool

Easy to cool and keep cool: ice-pack cuffs or special coolers enable you to enjoy your beer, wine, water or soft drinks at the ideal temperature at any time.

DIN type
External Ø
5.2 l
5 l
258 mm
253 mm
approx. 3.6 kg
10.3 l
10 l
394 mm
253 mm
approx. 4.7 kg


High-grade stainless steel and the two-chamber system enable freshKEG to provide that freshly tapped draught beer flavour. Ideal for festivals or party applications.


High-quality still wines can be dispensed straight from the KEG without a carbonisation. With nitrogen as the dispensing gas, the KEG contents remain fresh for weeks after first use.

Sparkling wine

Thanks to the two-chamber system, sparkling wine can be dispensed in refreshing quality without any impairment in flavour over many weeks, just like beer and soft drinks.

Soft drinks

freshKEG is the ideal packaging for pre-mix and post-mix drinks, as it guarantees permanent freshness, without any loss in quality.


Food grade stainless steel which is diffusion and UV resistant guarantees consistently high quality and freshness for your mineral water.


The ideal packaging and dispensing system for cold-brew and nitro-cold-brew coffee. Fresh and no loss in quality straight from freshKEG.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The lowest number of freshKEGs you can order is 1.

How can I clean the dispense head?

Immediately after use, the dispense head should be removed, rinsed under water and dried to prevent deposits forming. After that, it is immediately ready for use again.

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