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KEG accessories
Equipment for your beverage container

Besides high-quality reusable stainless steel KEGs, we also supply perfectly matching accessories. We’ll be happy to advise you on your existing KEG accessories and show you possibilities for your individual KEG applications.


Fitting types

All fitting types can be used: basket, flat, combination, draught, soft drink, standard or safety, threaded or threadless fittings.


Dispense heads

For all fitting types, there are the matching dispense heads. Simply attach and away you go! Quick, clean and safe.



Permanent coding (character code, barcode, transponder, datixPLUS) enables traceability and transparent KEG management.

Polypropylene Rings

Coloured polypropylene top and bottom rings can be exchanged on the spot if necessary and are available in almost any colour.

Control KEG

Control KEGs are available for all KEG types for checking the filling, temperature, cleaning and pressure.


Cleaning KEG

For the decentralised cleaning of the sensing equipment, up to five beverage lines can be cleaned at the same time.


Adapter ring

Enable KEGs with slim-line diameters to be used on existing cleaning and filling equipment for DIN or Euro standard KEGs.

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