Scholarship for prospective beverage technologists

SCHÄFER Container Systems offers German "Scholarship" for Torben Kock

SCHÄFER Container Systems offers “Germany Scholarship”

Neunkirchen, 12th February 2020. For the very first time, SCHÄFER Container Systems is sponsoring a Germany Scholarship for the subject of beverage technology. The happy recipient is Torben Kock, born in Kiel and a passionate whiskey collector. He is currently in the third semester of his beverage technology course at the Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU) on the Rhine, a college specialized in studies related to in wine growing.

For Torben Kock (28), beverage technology is already his second degree course, having gained his first degree in Bad Honef, graduating in hotel management. He then worked in marketing for a number of hotels. “It was during this time that I developed an increased interest in technical issues and solution concepts”, he says. The new scholarship recipient, with his interest in engineering, clear goal orientation and high level of commitment – even beyond his own field – convinced SCHÄFER Container Systems that he was their man.

At the HGU, Torben Kock’s career path to date is a great benefit for him. Amongst other things, he works with the examination board, where he is involved in selecting bachelor topics and fixing examination dates. He is also on the committee for teaching and studies known as “Lehre und Studium” (LuST) and is a member of the commission responsible for the appointment of future beverage technology professors at the HGU. On top of this, his fellow students chose him as the faculty spokesperson for this semester.

But the scholarship itself also has its demands. Torben Kock chose the HGU quite specifically, as he is particularly fascinated by the strong link between theory and practice. For instance, as an elementary subject, chemistry is always taught on beverage technology applications. Equally, in materials management, the focus is exclusively on practice-relevant materials and their particular properties in beverage production. And, of course, learning is much more effective in small, highly motivated semester groups than at mass events in huge overcrowded auditoriums.

Those applying for a course in beverage technology at the HGU must provide evidence of at least 6 months practical experience in the beverage technology field or relevant work placements. The written exams at the HGU are all held at the beginning of the semester vacation, as this then gives the students the opportunity for internships in the holidays to intensify what they’ve learned during the semester and apply it in practice.

That’s why, despite his scholarship, Torben Kock has a student job during the semester break with the soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola in the so-called syrup room. The huge tanks here with capacities of up to 40,000 litres are cleaned by automatic cleaning systems. Torben Kock’s job is optimising the cleaning process so that the best possible cleaning results can be achieved with the most resource-saving use of water and chemicals.

The Deutschland Scholarship has been available since 2011 and is a nationwide programme for promoting gifted students at state and state-approved universities and colleges. The prerequisite for the funding is a proactive career path that holds out the promise of outstanding achievements in both studies and career. Half the money comes from private sponsors attracted by the universities. The other half comes from the federal budget. The universities and colleges themselves organise the funding and are responsible for the selection process. Each sponsor is mentioned by name in the degree certificate – a boost for the start of a career, so to speak.

“I think it’s really cool that SCHÄFER Container Systems is taking part in the Germany Scholarship programme”, says a very pleased Torben Kock about his sponsor, who’s name will certainly enhance the value of his beverage technology degree certificate.

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