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Falken brewery replaces old KEG stocks with ECO KEGs from SCHÄFER Container Systems

Neunkirchen, 21st May 2019. SCHÄFER Container Systems is set to deliver around 1,200 20.5 litre slimline ECO KEGs to the Falken brewery in Switzerland. The first delivery from the German manufacturers of container systems for beverages (KEGs), IBCs and special containers launches the brewery’s gradual replacement of its old barrel stocks. A further 1,000 EKGs are to be delivered specially for a contract customer.

With about 55 employees and a daily production volume of approximately 460 hectolitres of beer, the Falken brewery from Schaffhausen is the fifth largest independent brewery in Switzerland. The contract awarded to SCHÄFER Container Systems will see the brewery gradually replace its entire 25-year-old stock of KEGs. The order volume covers 1,188 20.5-litre slimline ECO KEGs plus a further 1,000 KEGs which were ordered for a contract customer. The decisive argument for changing to the new KEG type were the product characteristics of the - in this case, black - replaceable top and bottom rings and the electrochemical signature, which enabled the brewery logo to be applied indelibly to the KEG body, in line with the brewery’s branding policy.

“We are really pleased that our combination of an environmentally friendly portfolio, consulting service and top quality has been able to convince international customers, too”, says Guido Klinkhammer, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Container Systems. “Apart from the products themselves, of course, we were equally convinced by the very good support, the smooth processing of the order and the fast delivery“, adds Benjamin Flückiger, Deputy Manager of Production and Engineering at the Falken Brewery AG.

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