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KEG service for volume reduction directly from the manufacturer

Reduced volume – increased variety and flexibility

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Variety is key – many customers in the catering industry want a greater variety of flavours

You know the trend: The number of speciality beers and drinks on offer is increasing, while the volume sold per type is falling. 

Our KEG service offers you the optimum solution: By reducing the volume of KEGs, you can respond to the market situation and adapt flexibly to new customer requirements and sales channels.

Reuse KEGs – secure advantages

Reducing the volume of a SUDEX stainless steel KEG from 50 to 30 litres, for example, gives you several attractive advantages:


Increased variety and, at the same time, greater flexibility


Always fresh beer, even with lower sales volumes


Optimised handling in your logistics


Occupational safety requirements for lower keg weights

But above all: By reducing the volume of existing KEGs, you save on investment in new KEGs, conserve resources and act as a sustainable, environmentally conscious company!


Our KEG service offers you customised solutions directly from the manufacturer! Our comprehensive repair and modification service for your kegs fulfils a wide range of requirements. This is how we ensure the functionality and durability of the KEGs for you.


Some of the most important services:

  • Volume reductions to increase flexibility
  • Dent removal and polishing of stainless steel surfaces
  • Retrofitting transponders for traceability
  • Neutralisation and application of new logos


Good to know: Our KEG service does not care from which manufacturer you bought your KEGs: With our extensive, decades-long experience, we repair all types of kegs and focus on consistently high quality.

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